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  September 7th, 2016
 September 3, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Spencer Speedway Banquet will be Nov. 12th at the Palmyra VFW Dinner will be at 7pm with all awards to follow. Cost will be $35.00 per ticket. Please get in touch with Lee DeRidder (315) 945-3661 for your ticket. Congratulations to all the winners from September 3, 2016:

  Super Pro:
1. Mike Adam
2. Dan Tantalo
3. Dan Cristo
4. Lil Dave Burnham

1st. Mike LaRose Sr.
2nd. Tony Fiarietti
3rd. Scott Beasaw Sr.
4th. Scott Schrader

1st. Matt Galiotti
2nd. Bob Lynchesky
3rd.  Steve Galle
4th. Joe Waltro
Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
John White (631)745-9805