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  July 5th, 2016
 July 4, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Chuck and I would like to thank everyone for all they did yesterday to make the show a great one. From all the employees to all the racers who came out to try and win the big money. We could not have done it without all of you. A special thanks goes to Kris Fletcher and her family for donating the first $1000 to the winner of the Pro class. Letís hope that next year will can do it all over again. We also had $300.00 left over sponsorship money from yesterday and we are going to put $100.00 into each class this Saturday. We are going to add $25.00 to each paying place 1st-4th.

  Race results from July 4, 2016 are as follows:

  Super Pro:
1. Billy Ryan from Marion
2. Pete DíAgnolo from Rochester
3 Matt Himes from Ontario
4Walt Fish from Sodus

  Douglis Fletcher Memorial race Winner:
1st Scott Schrader from Shortsville
2ndJohn Cira Jr. from Rochester
3rdGart Rilfe Jr. from Marietta
4th. Phillip Williams from North Chili

1st. Dan Frank from Williamson
2ndRich Garland from Macedon
3rdSam Capizzi Jr. from Rochester
4thMatt Galiotti from Rochester

  We want to take a minute to thank everyone for their donations and sponsorship for the July 4th race. Kris Fletcher, Gary Jackson from the Newark Advantage Auto store, Your Choice Collision Center in Marion, Craig Starks the Mac Tool Man and fellow racer, along with a long list of people who stepped up and helped out. This includes Joe Delooze, Jim Zag, Bob Lynchesky, Rich Garland, Wayne Kofahl, Joe Watro, Dan, Don, and Matt Galiotti, The Leckinger family, Dan Frank, Adam Gerwity, Paul Northrup, Ric Ewin and the Burnham framily. Without these donations we would not have had payed out $1050 in each class to win.


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