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  June 15th, 2016
 June 11, 2016 Drag Racing Results by Lee DeRidder

  Race results from June 11, 2016 are as follows:

  Super Pro:
1. Joshua Stassen from Hamlin NY
2. Tony Fiaretti from Walworth, NY
3.George Smith from Aubrun, NY
4 Mark Talmadge from Williamson, NY

1st Mike LaRose from West Monroe, NY
2ndSam Capizzi St from Rochester, NY
3rdClark Gabriel from Macedon, NY
4th. David Beaton. From Farmington, NY

1st. Jim Zag from Shortsville, NY
2ndAustin Leckinger from Ontario, NY
3rdWayne Kofahl from Chili, NY
4thRJ Whitney from Marion, NY

  Gamblers winner was Chuck White and David Beaton finished 2nd. We would like to remind everyone that we will be racing on July 4th. We are trying to raise some more money for the Super Pro payout. If you know of any company that may be interested in doing a sponsorship for that day please get in touch with myself or Chuck. We are interested in starting a Powder Puff Class. If you would be interested in doing so please talk to either Chuck or myself so we know who may want to so this class.

Any Track Related Questions Please Contact:
John White (631)745-9805