All Complaints and concerns are to be shared DIRECTLY with management and officials, NOT in a public manner via Social Media.

Any person who intentionally and/or maliciously disregards, manipulates, intimidates or otherwise harasses a Spencer Speedway or Chemung Speedrome official decision via Social Media postings, private messages, text messages or in any way electronically that degrades the track, its management or officials will be subject to Team Disqualification and/or Fine, Suspension, Loss of Points and/or other action determined appropriate by Track Management. Financial penalty to be determined by Track Management.

The use of Social Media by any person to promote negative/derogatory publicity towards Spencer Speedway or Chemung Speedrome in any manner will subject them to Team Disqualification, Fine, Suspension, Loss of Points, Financial Penalty and/or any other action deemed appropriate by Spencer Speedway or Chemung Speedrome management and officials.

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