September 2nd, 2016
  Timmerman, Schenk And Hyman All Crowned 2016 Track Champions by Gary Spaid

  It was a big night for close point races last Friday at Spencer Speedway.

  ”Doing it like that was even better,” stated Kevin Timmerman, from Ontario, NY, referring to winning both the last NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature of the year and the 2016 track championship. He locked up the 2016 divisional title by a mere 11 points over last year’s track champion, Mike Leaty.

  There was a tie in track points in the Super Six division after Brian Hallett took his first feature win of the year. The tie, between Barrett Schenk, from Palmyra and Tim Faro, from Newark had to finally be broken by looking first at feature wins (they were the same) and then second place feature finishes. Barrett Schenk, who had four second place finishes throughout the year, topped Faro who only had two second place finishes on the year.

  “I’m really happy to be here,” claimed Schenk. “I have to thank Brandon Allen for lending us his car these past two weeks. I wish I had my own car here, but it is still being repaired.”

  In the Auto Value 4-Cylinders, Mike Hyman, from Williamson, entered the night nearly 100 points ahead of his closest competitor and easily won the championship. He could chalk this fact up to having won eight of ten features run in this class.

  “The temperatures were just right or something,” he started to say. “My car stuck well in the turns and really took off on the straights. This has been a really fun season.”

  The 35-lap Sunoco Modified main event saw Matt Lees grab the early lead only to lose it in a side-by-side race with Eddie Hawkins. A spin off the third turn by rookie Geoff Sharkey brought out the first of six yellows.

  The restart saw Lees lose the handle and slide off the second turn. This move Mike Leaty into second and within a lap he passed Hawkins and took command of the race.

  A yellow on lap eight saw Chris Clemens spin in the second turn. This setup a double file restart with Mike Leaty in the lead and right behind him in third was Kevin Timmerman. Timmerman used this restart to gain second and take off after Leaty.

  The top two cars tried to pull away but were joined by Tommy Catalano and Jimmy Zacharias. The final yellow flew on lap 25, when Jason Hollinger, had the rear end kick out exiting the fourth turn and looped around on the front stretch.

  The restart saw Leaty hold off Timmerman for one lap before Timmerman, using the outside line, took the lead. Leaty hung tight on Timmerman’s rear nerf bar had to settle for second. At the wire it was Timmerman followed by Leaty, Catalano, Zacharias and Daryl Lewis Jr.

  “My car was working better outside tonight,” added Timmerman as he was being hugged in victory lane by his father Gary Timmerman. “We both learned a couple of years back how to race each other clean for the title. Back then things got ugly.”

  The Super Six 20-lap main event ran green-to-checkers. Early leader Chris Connors slide high in the fourth turn and allowed Bill Inch to take the lead on lap two. Four laps latter Brian Hallett passed Inch and sailed away to a full straightaway feature win. Carrie Schoonmaker stood strong and finished second followed by Adam VanHall, Ashley Schoonmaker and Barrett Schenk. Schenk’s fifth place earned him enough points to tie point’s leader Tim Faro, who dropped out of the race and finished last. It took going to the NASCAR tie breaking system to determine the divisional track titlist.

  The Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpion feature also would run green-to-checkers. Point’s leader Mike Hyman took command of the race on lap four and never looked back. He won going away by more than a full straight away. A.J. Montgomery held off Jack Gustafson by inches to take second. Travis Montgomery and Corey Copeland rounded out the top five finishers.

  SPENCER NOTES: Track promoter John White celebrated his birthday at the track last Friday…The largest modified field of the year was on hand for the final night of racing in 2016…At dusk a light fog started to fall but was quickly eliminated by the cars going around the track…All points are unofficial until approved by NASCAR.

  Spencer Speedway’s NASCAR oval action concludes with this event. It was announced that the annual awards banquet will take place on November 12th, at the VFW in Palmyra, NY. Tickets for the banquet went on sale last week. Tickets will be $35 per person. You can order your banquet tickets by contacting Lee DeRidder at the speedway 315-945-2691 during the work week.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASC AR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2016. Look for the 2017 track schedule in March 2017. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASC AR Whelen All-American Points.

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  FEATURE (15-laps): MIKE HYMAN, A.J. Montgomery, Jacob Gustafson, Travis Montgomery, Corey Copeland, Carrie Bolton, Dave Heimes, Jennifer Dennie, James Bardo, Allie Montgomery, DNS: Paul Flye

HEAT 1: V. Grant, A. VanHall, B. Inch, A. Knoepfler, C. Connors.
HEAT 2: C. Schoonmaker, B. Hallett, B. Schenk, A. Schoonmaker, A. Cocilova.
  FEATURE (20-laps): BRIAN HALLETT, Carrie Schoonmaker, Adam VanHall, Ashley Schoonmaker, Barrett Schenk, Van Grant, Bill Inch, Ashley Knoepfler, Andy Cocilova, Chris Connors, Chris Hogan, Tim Faro.

HEAT 1: M. Leaty, K. Timmerman, J. Zacharias, M. Lees, J. Lane.
HEAT 2: E. Hawkins, A. Catalano, T. Hanbury, T. Catalano, N. Morris.
HEAT 3: D. Lewis Jr., T.J. Zacharias, R. Knapp Jr., T. Alloco, C. Clemons.
  FEATURE (35-laps): KEVIN TIMMERMAN, Mike Leaty, Tommy Catalano, Jimmy Zacharias, Daryl Lewis Jr., Eddie Hawkins, Tony Hanbury, Amy Catalano, T.J. Zacharias, Matt Lees, Nick Morris, Joe Lane, Tim Nies, Tom Alloco, Chris Clemens, Steven Link, Geoff Sharkey, Jason Hollinger, Ricky Knapp Jr.

  Pending approval by NASCAR

1)Mike Hyman 763, 2) Jacob Gustafson 655, 3) Jennifer Dennie 592, 4) Carrie Bolton 572, 5) Maddy Virts 571, 6) Paul Flye 472, 7) Dave Heimes 438, 8) James Bardo 423, 9) Travis Montgomery 391, 10) A.J. Montgomery 384

1)Barrett Schenk 661*, 2) Tim Faro 661, 3)Ashley Schoonmaker 632, 4) Brian Hallett 622, 5) Adam VanHall 596, 6) Van Grant 553, 7) Carrie Schoonmaker 529, 8) Chris Connors 505, 9) Andy Cocilova 485, 10) Brandon Allen 439
*Tie broken by number of 2nd place feature finishes.

1)Kevin Timmerman 702, 2) Mike Leaty 691, 3) Daryl Lewis Jr. 649, 4) Amy Catalano 618, 5) Tommy Catalano 552, 6) Eddie Hawkins 486, 7)Steven Link 456, 8) Matt Lees 365, 9) Andy Lewis 344, 10) Damon Frutchey 227

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