August 19th, 2016
  Billy Coyle Tops Rich Dave London Memorial; T.C. Picks Up Second Modified Win Of The Year by Gary Spaid

  Tommy Catalano, from Ontario, NY, picked up his second NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature win of the season last Friday at Spencer Speedway. Catalano also raced in the 50-lap Dave London Memorial for SuperStocks, finishing ninth.

  In victory lane, when asked if turning so many laps in both divisions helped him, he responded, “I don’t know if it did. I do know I am really tired already.”

  As for the Dave London Memorial, some 40 Super Stocks turned out to try and win the prestigious and well paying event. Bill Coyle, from Mecklenburg, NY, took the win in the feature event that lasted over an hour and a half.

  Due to the length of the Super Stock race, only the Super Sixes were able to finish their feature, with Tim Faro, from Newark, NY taking the 20-lap double point win. The 15-lap Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpion feature was carried over to next week and will be the first race on the evening.

  The NASCAR Sunoco Modifieds were the first feature of the evening. Daryl Lewis Jr. grabbed the early lead of the 35-lap race. On lap nine Tommy Catalano was able to drive low and pass Lewis in the third turn to take the lead exiting turn four.

  The only yellow of the race flew on lap 11, when Geoff Sharkey slid high off the fourth turn and into the grass.

  Once underway, Catalano began to draw away from the rest of the field. Lewis held on to second but was under pressure from Mike Leaty and Kevin Timmerman.

  Catalano was able to take the win by some seven car lengths over Lewis Jr. Leaty, Timmerman and Amy Catalano rounded out the top five finishers.

  The highlight of the evening was the New York Super Stock running of the Dave London Memorial. Twenty-six cars were qualified from the 41 cars on hand to take the green. They were led by Coyle and Tim Gullo on the front row. Gullo was quick to take the lead with Coyle in second.

  The first of twelve cautions came on lap five when Tommy Catalano looped his brother, Tim’s number 54 in the third turn. Three laps later the yellow was again out. This time for a side-by-side spin down the back stretch involving Willie Strusz and Catalano. On lap nine, Shaun Frarey spun to bring out the third yellow of the event.

  All this time Gullo was on point, with Jim Steffenhagen Jr. now running in second and Mitchell Wright third.

  Lap 12, saw the 25x driven by Steve Shultz come to a stop in the fourth turn. Nathan Peckham then spun to avoid any contact. A lap later the yellow flew for debris, which happened to be the hood off the Peckham number 90 lying on the front stretch.

  Steffenhagen kept trying to get by Gullo, but Gullo was just too fast and remained in the lead. Lap 16 saw Josh Schoonmaker loop around exiting the fourth turn to bring out the yellow for a sixth time. Bill Frisbee used the restart to grab second from Steffenhagen. Four laps later it would be Joe Mancuso spinning around in the second turn for yet another yellow.

  At the halfway point in the race, Gullo picked up a hefty bonus of $500 for being the leader. The longest green flag run of the race, laps 23-34, was being run when, lap 34 saw the yellow fly for Peckham, who flew off the fourth turn. Four laps later Tommy Barron was caught up in an accident when he clipped the front of Steve Pesarek’s machine, sending himself slamming in the inside front stretch wall.

  The deciding moment of the race came on lap 41. Coming down the front straight the fans could hear the motor on the Gullo machine breaking up. This allowed Bill Frisbee to take the lead. But as Frisbee was about to complete the lap, his engine blew exiting the fourth turn. Steffenhagen, not knowing, hit the back of the Frisbee machine, but kept going.

  The race had to be red flagged to get all of the fluid off the speedway surface. Once the race got back underway Steffenhagen pitted. He then tried to return to the front, where officials returned him to the rear of the field for pitting. He then parked his car on the front stretch. His race was declared done for the night.

  This left Terry Cheetham in the lead with Coyle in second followed by Wright, Chris Vogler and Strusz. Cheetham was able to hang on to the lead until lap 48, when Coyle sailed past him. As the lap was completed, the final yellow flew for Frarey who again spun in the first turn.

  At the finish it would be Coyle followed by Cheetham, Wright, Vogler and Strusz.

  Officials were quickly able to bring out the Super Six feature and start that event before the curfew hour.

  Only one yellow slowed that feature. On lap three Barrett Schenk and Bill Inch came together exiting the second turn, ending both of their races for the night.

  Up front Andy Cocilova and Allison Knoepfler battled back and forth for the lead. After the restart Tim Faro entered the picture passing both to grab the front spot on lap five. Both Cocilova and Knoepfler started to fall back in the pack allowing Carrie Schoonmaker to take second.

  She would battle to hold second being pressured by Brandon Allen. As the field exited the last turn the Schoonmaker car ran high and impacted the foam barrier, costing her a number of positions. Allen was able to take second behind winner Faro. Ashley Schoonmaker, Brian Hallett and finally Carrie, recovering from her contact with the foam wall, came across fifth.

  SPENCER Notes: The New York Super Stock field was the largest car count in any one division in nearly ten years, with five heat races and two consolation events need to slim the field down to 26 starters….Jody London collected over $6,000 in additional prizes for the Super Stock race, including lap money to help honor his father…The worst accident of the evening came in the first modified heat race, when Bill Kosachook slammed head on into the second turn wall. He emerged uninjured; however his car suffered major damage.

  Spencer Speedway will be hosting a regular night of NASCAR oval action on Friday, August 26th. Added to the event schedule will be the curfew delayed double point Auto Value 4-cylinder Scorpion feature from last week. Following the make-up race, a full program of Sunoco Modifieds along with Super Sixes and Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpions will take to the track. This Friday’s races will start at 7:30 p.m.

  Before the cars hit the speedway, Spencer Speedway will be hosting the second round of Kid’s Bicycle racing on the long front stretch. The kids, who must have a helmet, will need to register at the main ticket booth by 6:45 pm. Their races will begin at 7 p.m. sharp. Just two weeks remain in the 2016 NASCAR season.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASC AR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2016. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASC AR Whelen All-American Points.
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HEAT 1: J. Gustafson, M. Virts, J. Dennie, C. Copeland, P. Flye.
HEAT 2: D. Heimes, M. Hyman, A.J. Montgomery, Travis Montgomery, C. Bolton.
  FEATURE (15-lap double point feature line-up curfew delayed to 8/26): Carrie Bolton, Jennifer Dennie, Dave Heimes, Paul Flye, A.J. Montgomery, Jacob Gustafson, Travis Montgomery, Maddy Virts, Mike Hyman, Corey Copeland, James Bardo, Kacey Hammond, Allie Montgomery

HEAT 1: A. Cocilova, J. Schoonmaker, B. Allen, V. Grant, A. VanHall.
HEAT 2: A. Knoepfler, C. Schoonmaker, T. Faro, A. Schoonmaker, B. Hallett.
  FEATURE (20-laps): TIM FARO, Brandon Allen, Ashley Schoonmaker, Brian Hallett, Carrie Schoonmaker, Allison Knoepfler, Andy Cocilova, Van Grant, Adam VanHall, Chris Connors, Bill Malin, Josh Schoonmaker, Barrett Schenk, Bill Inch.

HEAT 1: T. Blair, T. Cheetham, S. Pesarek, B. Wozniak.
HEAT 2: J. Schoonmaker, S. Wylie, S. Frarey, J. Dinzler.
HEAT 3: B. Coyle, J. Steffenhagen Jr., C. Vogler, C. Finocharo.
HEAT 4: S. Shultz, B. Frisbee Jr., J. Mudra, T. Barron.
HEAT 5: T. Gullo, M. Wright, J.R. Mooney, W. Strusz.
CONSI 1: J. Mancuso, E. Hadley
CONSI 2: N. Peckham, T. Catalano
  FEATURE (50-laps): BILLY COYLE, Terry Cheetham, Mitchell Wright, Chris Vogler, Willie Strusz, Jay Mudra, Steve Shultz, Nathan Peckham, Tommy Catalano, Steve Pesarek, J.R. Mooney, Shaun Frarey, Zach Willis, Matt Larrivee, Brian Wozniak, Eric Hadley, Tim Gullo, Bill Frisbee Jr., Jim Steffenhagen Jr., Tommy Barron, Josh Schoonmaker, Chris Finocharo, Joe Mancuso, Todd Blair, Scott Wylie, Jason Dinzler.
DNQ: Kevin Ide, Dakota Packman, Dale Lazzaro, Brandon Larner, Scott Adams, Brianna Dinzler, Joel Gleason, Rob Miszczak, Robert Fink, Joe Horvath, Mark Ramsey, Jake Boerman.

HEAT 1: M. Leaty, K. Timmerman, A. Catalano, M. Lees, D. Frutchey.
HEAT 2: T. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., M. Leaty, K. Timmerman, A. Catalano.
  FEATURE (35-laps): TOMMY CATALANO, Daryl Lewis Jr., Mike Leaty, Kevin Timmerman, Amy Catalano, Eddie Hawkins, Rusty Smith, Matt Lees, Ricky Knapp Jr., John Semmler, Damon Frutchey, Steve Link, Geoff Sharkey, DNS: Bill Kosachook.

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