June 24th, 2016
Daryl Lewis Jr. Squeaks Out A SUNOCO Modified Victory by Gary Spaid

  Mike Leaty looked to have the feature well in hand as he was holding off Tommy Catalano. These two leaders were exiting the fourth turn, lapping the car of Todd Lorenzo, when there was contact, the two leaders were sent spinning. The third place car driven by Daryl Lewis Jr., stepped on it and blasted under the checkers just before Leaty, spinning in the infield grass, made it to the finish line.

  “I was a third place car all night,” stated Lewis in victory lane. “That all happened in front of me and I got on it. That was just incredible. I’ll take it!”

  The New York Super Stock 25-lap feature was won by Jim Steffenhagen Jr., as he held off Mitchell Wright for his first win of the year.

  Mike Hyman won his third Auto Value 4- Cylinder Scorpion feature of the year, while Tim Faro picked up the win in the Super Six division.

  Kevin Timmerman was the early leader in the 35-lap Sunoco Modified feature event. On lap six, Mike Leaty dropped low exiting the second turn to pass Timmerman for the lead. The yellow flew one lap later when Ricky Knapp Jr. slowed on the speedway.

  The restart saw Leaty remain in front of Timmerman, Tommy Catalano and Daryl Lewis Jr. Catalano made his bid for second on lap 14, but by now Leaty had pulled away to a ten car advantage over the field. That advantage came to an end when the second yellow flag flew on lap 16, when Damon Frutchie spun in the first turn.

  Leaty and Catalano seemed to be tied together after that as this duo speed away from the pack. As the leaders were exiting the final turn on the last lap they came together to avoid contact with a lapped car. The end result was third place Daryl Lewis Jr. speed through the spinning cars to cross the finish line first. Leaty, spinning in the grass came across the line second followed by Timmerman, Andy Lewis and Bobby Lippa Jr.

  For Lewis Jr. it was his birthday and his whole family was on hand to celebrate the double point event with him in victory lane.

  The 25-lap New York Super Stock race proved to be a handful, as numerous cautions slowed the event. Twenty-three cars started the race. Following an aborted start which saw Robert Fink spin in the third turn, the race began. As the field completed the first lap a multi-car accident, on the front stretch, brought out the yellow flag.

  Once underway Bill Frisbee took the lead followed by Billy Coyle. The race was on but two additional yellows slowed the pace on laps four and five. Frisbee now found Jim Steffenhagen Jr. on his tail with Mitchell Wright in third.

  Yellow flag fever again broke out on lap 11 when Kevin Ide spun for the second time in turn four, just as Steffenhagen passed Frisbee for the lead. As the lap was not completed, Frisbee was again placed in first for the restart. Steffenhagen quickly re-established his lead as Wright took second from Frisbee on a lap 15 restart following another yellow.

  With one lap remaining the yellow flew for the sixth time as Kelly Miller’s number 0 burst into flames going down the backstretch. Miller immediately jumped to safety as crews put out the blaze.

  This set up a green-white-checker finish. Steffenhagen was up to the task and took the win followed by Wright, Frisbee, Coyle and Willie Strusz.

  “This is unbelievable” stated and extremely elated Steffenhagen. “We had trouble even starting this car earlier today.”

  The 20-lap Super Six feature ran green-to-checkers and featured multiple passes for the lead. Chris Connors led for the first four laps and was passed on the outside by Brian Hallett on lap five. Hallett held command of the lead for just three laps, when Barrett Schenk used that same outside line to gain the front position.

  In the back of the pack Tim faro was moving to the front quickly. He passed Hallett and set out to track down Schenk. On lap 13, he ducked to the inside and passed Schenk for the lead. Both Faro and Schenk then began to pull away from the field. At the checkers it was Faro with his first win in the class since 2014. Schenk came home is second followed by Brandon Allen, Adam VanHall, and Hallett.

  “I cannot tell you how happy I am right now,” stated Faro. “Spencer has done their best to keep this class as even as possible. These guys race you clean and it’s just a whole lot of fun to race this class.”

  The Auto Value Scorpions saw just one yellow flag slow their 15-lap feature. This race featured a battle for the lead as lap-after-lap Tom Alloco and Jacob Gustafson battled at the front of the field.

  That one yellow, lap 10, was for the leaders as they came together in the second turn and spun out, leaving Mike Hyman at the front of the field. Hyman had his hands full hold back Maddy Virts over the closing laps. For Hyman it was his third win in four outings at Spencer this year. Virts finished second followed by Jennifer Dennie, Paul Flye and Carrie Bolton. That made for three female drivers in the top five.

  “I’m not going to win all of them this year,” commented Hyman. That 27 (Virts) and 22 Dennie) are getting faster each week.”

  There will be no racing at Spencer this Friday, July 1.

  NASCAR Racing returns Friday, July 8, when Spencer Speedway will be hosting third appearance of the NYS Super Stocks. These full fender machines will be on hand for their 25-lap feature run. NASCAR racing that night will include the Sunoco Modifieds, Super Sixes and 4-Cylinder Scorpions classes. Race time begins at 7:30 pm.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASC AR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2016. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASC AR Whelen All-American Points.

  For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.



HEAT 1: M. Virts, P. Flye, J. Dennie, C. Bolton, J. Bardo
HEAT 2: T. Alloco, M. Hyman, J. Gustafson, D. Heimes.
FEATURE (15-laps): MIKE HYMAN, Maddy Virts, Jennifer Dennie, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton, Tom Alloco, Jacob Gustafson, James Bardo, Dave Heimes.

HEAT 1: B. Schenk, B. Hallett, C. Connors, V. Grant, A. Schoonmaker.
HEAT 2: A. VanHall, T. Faro, B. Allen, C. Schoonmaker, A. Cocilova
FEATURE (20-laps): TIM FARO, Barrett Schenk, Brandon Allen, Adam VanHall, Brian Hallett, Ashley Schoonmaker, Van Grant, Chris Connors, Bill Inch, Carrie Schoonmaker, Allison Knoepfler, Andy Cocilova.

Z. Willis, A. Gullo, T. Catalano, S. Pesarek, T.J. Cochrane
HEAT 2: M. Wight, T. Cheetham, C. Vogler, R. Fink, K. Miller.
HEAT 3: W. Strusz, B. Coyle, T. Gullo, T. Barron, B. Wozniak.
HEAT 4: J. Steffenhagen Jr., B. Frisbee, M. Larrivee, B. Dinzler, K. Ide.
FEATURE (25-laps): JIM STEFFENHAGEN JR., Mitchell Wright, Bill Frisbee, Billy Coyle, Willie Strusz, Brian Wozniak, Tim Gullo, Zach Willis, Chris Vogler, Tommy Barron, Chris Finocchario, Eric Hadley, Brianna Dinzler, Joe Miller, Brandon Larner, Kevin Ide, Matt Larrivee, Kelly Miller, Robert Fink, Timmy Catalano, Nathan peck ham, Terry Cheetham, Jason Dinzler. DNS: Anthony Gullo, Steve Pesarek, Josh Schoonmaker, Dale Lazzaro, T.J. Cochrane

HEAT 1: A. Catalano, D. Lewis Jr., A. Lewis, E. Hawkins, B. Lippa Jr.
HEAT 2: M. Leaty, K. Timmerman, T. Catalano, M. Druar, T. Lorenzo.
FEATURE (35-laps): DARYL LEWIS JR., Mike Leaty, Kevin Timmerman, Andy Lewis, Bobby Lippa Jr., Tommy Catalano, Matt Druar, Todd Lorenzo, Steve Link, Damon Frutchie, Eddie Hawkins, Amy Catalano, Ricky Knapp Jr. 

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