June 10th, 2016
Leaty Returns To Victory Lane In SUNOCO Modified by Gary Spaid

  Last week Mike Leaty won the Race of Champions special event at Spencer. This week he picked up his first Sunoco Modified feature win of the year, his 20th career win at the speedway.

  “This race is a testament to my guys who work on this car,” related Leaty. “They had a lot of work to do after the opener to make this car better. The results show on the track.”

  In the 20-lap Super Six feature, Brandon Allen won the double point “crash-fest”.

  “I am missing my wife and newborn tonight,” stated Allen, “as they had to stay home.” Allen, who drives car #89 then added, “My young son is with me. Earlier today he found a penny. What was unique is the date, 1989. I guess you could say that was a lucky penny for us.”

  Mike Hyman picked up his second Auto Value 4-Cylinder Scorpion feature win. “That was a tough race as Maddy (Virts), was pressuring me all over the place,” related Hyman.

  The 35-lap NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature saw the top three cars come together in the first turn resulting in Amy Catalano drifting slowly backwards into seventh place. The very next lap she found herself off the track in the second turn, with the yellow flying. She would quickly pit and return to the back of the field.

  The restart saw Mike Leaty take the lead from Andy Lewis and begin to draw away from the rest of the field. The show was now Amy as she clawed her way towards the front of the field.

  The yellow flew on lap seven when Zachary Kosachock slammed head first into the second turn wall. He emerged uninjured but his car was done for the night.

  By lap ten Amy was back in third, passing Kevin Timmerman on the low side for the position. At that point it seemed as if her tires were not sticking as they had earlier and she settled into third for the remainder of the race.

  Leaty took the checkers followed by Daryl Lewis Jr., Amy Catalano, Kevin Timmerman and Andy Lewis.

  The 20-lap Super Six feature seemed to start well, but it soon evolved into multi-car incidents. Bill Malin took the lead at the drop of the green and was holding Carrie Schoonmaker at bay until lap five, when the yellow flew as Carrie’s sister Ashley spun in the second turn.

  The restart saw Carrie move ahead of Malin but she was hit from behind by Brandon Allen and sent spinning in the third turn. She collected Ashley and Bill Mitchell in that melee. Allen was sent to the rear for his contact with Carrie.

  Malin took off as the leader but one lap after the restart lost the lead to Tim Faro. Faro was now finding pressure from behind by Barrett Schenk and Van Grant. These three were able to build a ten car advantage over Allen, who had worked his way back up to fourth when the yellow flew, lap 15, for debris in the fourth turn. Unfortunately the debris was coming off the Allen machine. Allen was sent pitside for repairs and again returned to the back of the field for the restart.

  This time the restart saw contact between Faro and Grant, who had taken second from Schenk three laps earlier. This left Schenk in the lead with Ashley Schoonmaker now back up to second. Debris was still the name of the game in lap 19 as again the yellow flew. This restart saw Ashley and Schenk make contact resulting in Ashley spinning out, collecting Malin in the first turn. Schenk remained the leader with a green-white-checker finish awaiting the remaining cars. Allen was again in second as only six cars remained running. Allen was able to pass Schenk on the final lap and take the win. Schenk finished second followed by Adam Van Hall, Brian Hallett and Andy Cocilova.

  The 15-lap Auto Value Scorpion four cylinder cars saw rookie Jacob Gustafson take the lead at the drop of the green. He lost the lead on lap three to Mike Hyman. On lap five the yellow flew for a spin by Carrie Bolton in the fourth turn.

  Hyman remained the leader on the restart but was in a side-by-side duel with Maddy Virts. Virts tried both the low side and the high side but could not complete her pass for the lead on Hyman. Hyman took the checkers followed by Virts, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton and Tom Alloco.

  This coming Friday, June 17, Spencer Speedway will be hosting Whelen Engineering Night. On the track, the NASCAR racing will include the Sunoco Modifieds, Super Sixes and 4-Cylinder Scorpions classes. Race time begins at 7:30 pm.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2016. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

  For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.



HEAT : M. Virts, C. Bolton, M. Hyman, J. Gustafson, T. Alloco
FEATURE (15-laps): MIKE HYMAN, Maddy Virts, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton, Tom Alloco, Jacob Gustafson, Jennifer Dennie, James Bardo

A. Schoonmaker, B. Schenk, A. Van Hall, A. Cocilova, B. Mitchell.
HEAT 2: B. Allen, T. Faro, B. Hallett, B. Malin, C. Schoonmaker.
FEATURE (21-laps): BRANDON ALLEN, Barrett Schenk, Adam Van Hall, Brian Hallett, Andy Cocilova, Chris Connors, Ashley Schoonmaker, Bill Malin, Van Grant, Tim Faro, Carrie Schoonmaker, Bill Mitchell, DNS: Bill Inch, Alison Knoepfler.

M. Leaty, D. Lewis Jr., A. Lewis, A. Jankowiak, S. Link.
HEAT 2: A. Catalano, K. Timmerman, D. Catalano, T. Lewis Jr., Z. Kosachock.
FEATURE (35-laps): MIKE LEATY, Daryl Lewis Jr., Amy Catalano, Kevin Timmerman, Andy Lewis, Dave Catalano, Andy Jankowiak, Tim Lewis Jr., Steven Link, Zachery Kosachock, DNS: Matt Lees.

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