June 3rd, 2016
Leaty Tops RoC Run, Frisbee Wins Super Stocks by Gary Spaid

  The Race of Champions series was in town for their first of two appearances in 2016 at Spencer Speedway. Local runner, Mike Leaty, from Williamson, was able to pick up his fourth Spencer RoC victory.

  “We had the best in the business behind us tonight,” referring to second place runner Matt Hirschman. “The track had rubbered up and if he had known just how much I had to slow entering the turns, he would have had us for sure.”

  Also on tap for the evening was the first of six appearances of the New York SuperStocks. Bill Frisbee Jr., from West Danby, led the 25-lap feature from green-to-checkers. As an added attraction the staff at the NYS Superstocks put together a special Four Cylinder show, which saw Maddy Virts take her first ever Spencer Speedway victory.

  The 75-lap RoC event saw last year’s winner, Darren Scherer lead the pack to the green. He was able to hold off Hirschman and Daryl Lewis Jr. in those early laps. Leaty was running second but was in a battle with Chuck Hossfeld who was moving though the pack. Hossfeld would use the low grove in the first and second turns to move forward.

  Leaty passed Hirschman on lap 22 for second with Hossfeld in tow. Hirschman was able to hold off Hossfeld and remain third.

  The yellow flew on lap on lap 25, when Calvin Carroll and Bryan Sherwood spun in the second turn. The race resumed, with Leaty taking the lead on the restart. The running order was now Leaty, Scherer, Hirschman, Hossfeld and Lewis Jr.

  A second yellow flew, lap 34, when Levi Arthur spun. It was during this yellow that Hossfeld and sixth place runner Emerling pitted. This moved Lewis Jr. up to fourth and Tyler Rypkema into fifth.

  Leaty was able to pull away to a multi-car advantage over Scherer who was doing his best to hold Hirschman at bay. On lap 48, Hirschman seem to regain new life and ducked low entering the third turn to take second from Scherer. He then began to close the nearly fifteen car gap created by Leaty at the front.

  The final yellow of the race came on lap 65 for a spin in the third turn by T.J. Potrzebowski. This bunched the field together for a dash to the checkers. Leaty was able to hold off Hirschman for the win. Hossfeld, who passed Scherer for third on lap 65, was unable to move forward and remained third. Scherer and Lewis Jr. rounded out the top five.

  The 15-lap NYS Four Cylinder race saw Maddy Virts lead the entire race, which went green-to-checkers without a caution.

  Paul Flye ran a distant second with Mike Hyman in third. On lap eight, Hyman was able to get around Flye and take off after Virts. Hyman was able to close the gap of nearly 25 car lengths build up by Virts by half at feature end. Flye finished in third followed by Carrie Bolton and Jacob Gustafson.

  ”This isn’t my first win ever. I won twice last year, but this is my first Spencer win”, related Virts in victory lane.

  The 25-lap Super Stock race seemed difficult to get started. With 24 cars taking the initial green, the field was finally whittled down to 20 cars when on the third try the race was able to start.

  The race was plagued by five yellow flags as officials tried to get the race done by curfew. The first yellow flew on lap three when Jason Dinzler, fresh out of the pits after a first lap crash, spun exiting the fourth turn and ended up on the infield grass on the front stretch.

  The second yellow came on lap seven. This time Tim Catalano spun in the second turn. All the time Bill Frisbee Jr. was in the lead of the race. Nathan Peckham and Steve Pesarek, both with extensive racing experience on the dirt remained in the top five with Peckham in second. Until lap right, when he lost that position to Mitchell Wright on the restart.

  The third yellow flew on lap 13, when Zach Willis spun in the fourth turn. Up front were Frisbee, Mitchell, Peckham Pesarek and Chris Vogler.

  The fourth yellow came on lap 18, when Wright began to slow on the track, finally coming to a stop on the back stretch. He pitted and was able to return to the back of the field for the restart. The restart saw Vogler and Tim Gullo grab second and third as Peckham pulled pit-side.

  The final yellow came on lap 20 for a multi-car tangle in the first turn between Dale Lazzaro and Zach Willis. As they were coming back to the rear of the field they made contact again sending the Willis car high in the air as he hopped a wheel on the Lazzaro machine.

  The restart saw Frisbee holding off Vogler for the final five laps of the race. With the checkers waving Frisbee took the win followed by Vogler, Gullo, Chris Finocchario and Pesarek.

  This coming Friday, June 10, Spencer Speedway will be hosting the Classic Asphalt Modified Series plus another regular night of NASCAR racing including the Sunoco Modifieds, Super Sixes and 4-Cylinder Scorpions. The Super Sixes will be running for double points that night. Race time begins at 7:30 pm.

  Anyone who brings their ticket stub back the following week gets a $3 discount off an adult or senior ticket.

  Spencer Speedway is located just fifteen minutes east of Rochester, NY, along Route 104 in the Town of Williamson. Spencer Speedway is the local “ NASCAR Place to Race” for Central New York in 2016. Points earned each week at Spencer are counted into the national NASCAR Whelen All-American Points.

  For more information go to: www.spencerspeedway.org.



HEAT 1: M. Hyman, M. Virts, C. Bolton, T. Alloco, J. Gustafson.
HEAT 2: P. Flye, B. Dennie, J. Dennie, J. Bardo, D. Heimes.
(15-laps) : MADDY VIRTS, Mike Hyman, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton, Jacob Gustafson, Beth Dennie, Tom Alloco, Jennifer Dennie, Zak Petrie, James Bardo, Dave Heimes.

HEAT 1: N. Peckham, T. Cheetham, B. Dinzler, T. Catalano, Z. Willis.
HEAT 2: J. Dinzler, S. Frarey, S. Pesarek, M. Mudra, B. Larrivee.
HEAT 3: M. Wright, T. Barron, G. Noe, B. Frisbee, C. Vogler.
CONSI: T. Gullo, J. Steffenhagen, C. Finocchario, D. Brancroft, J. Schoonmaker, M. Ramsey.
(25-laps) : BILL FRISBEE JR., Chris Vogler, Tim Gullo, Chris Finocchario, Steve Pesarek, Tim Catalano, Brianna Dinzler, Mitchell Wright, Willie Strusz, Shaun Frarey, Mark Mudra, Josh Schoonmaker, Mark Ramsey, Jason Dinzler, Dylan Bancroft, Dale Lazzaro, Zach Willis, Nathan Peck ham, Tom Barron, Jim Steffenhagen, Terry Cheetham, Gary Noe, Bill Larrivee, Mark Ide.

HEAT 1: C. Hossfeld, J. Zacharias, M. Hirschman, K. Timmerman, K. Hehr.
HEAT 2: T.J. Potrzebowski, D. Lewis Jr., D. Scherer, T. Catalano, C. Carroll.
HEAT 3: P. Emerling, M. Leaty, T. Rypkens, A. Catalano, B. Sherwood.
(75-laps) : MIKE LEATY, Matt Hirschman, Chuck Hossfeld, Daren Scherer, Daryl Lewis Jr., Patrick Emerling, Tyler Rypkema, Tommy Catalano, Karl Hehr, Amy Catalano, Jim Zacharias, Bryan Sherwood, John Wilber, T.J. Potrzebowski, Calvin Carroll, Levi Arthur, Chris Risdale, Kevin Timmerman

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